Effective Knowledge Capture during initial KB setup in a IT support environment #call-center #knowledge-capture

Elizabeth Raju

Hello everyone,

I am big fan of this community and follow the comments by the brilliant KMers from around the world.


I am writing to get your valuable suggestions on effective knowledge capture in a Service Desk setup.
This question is specifically for the on-boarding phase knowledge capture (initial kb setup).

We are creating a tech support desk for a client. As a part of this I will be taking over clients knowledge capture to help triage calls and issues. 
As part of the initial knowledge capture, I want to make sure that no clutter is created. There is a lot of information obtained in raw form, just want to separate chaff from the grain.

I want to create a KB which is useful and avoid creation of unwanted knowledge as much as possible. How do I go about it?

Just to give an idea:

I am thinking as below:

Capture through previous experience

  1. Use reports to understand the top issue drivers in the service area and focus knowledge capture in that direction
  2. Take advantage of the already existing support groups (SD agents) to understand the trends in issues encountered (committee formation/collaboration).
  3. Understand from the client themselves what kind of issues they generally encounter

Use the above three as the base to setup the KB.


I would like to hear from you –  other ideas, your suggestions and experiences.


Thank you so much!


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