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Dennis Thomas

Hello Elizabeth,

When you use the term “triage” I take it that you are referring to a variety of incoming calls that range over broad categories of questions/answers?

First, I understand the content aggregation process you plan, and secondly, I think I understand the technical functions that would be required to deliver the solution.   

(1) A true triage system is about sorting questions into categories.  It assumes that the end solution/answer is unknown.  That through a series of questions and answers, the system will weave through the Q&A maze resulting in a precise answer, or a most probable answer.  All the agent has to do is to get the top category of the modeled on their screen. 
  • Given this, a triage model would have to be broken down into isolated (standalone) categories and sub-categories with each category and sub-category having its own questions which when answered, automatically displays the next category's questions.    Do you have a fever?  Yes, No.  Is the fever over 100º?  Do you have a rash?  Yes, no. etc.  
  • This model is a non-linear process model.  
  • The point is that the customer’s answer to each question redirects the answer process. This equates to the machine functioning as a rational human being. 
(2) Another technical model could be a continuous flow model.  This model is typical of a waterfall model that simply requires a user to click through a series of questions and answers that are connected together in a unified structure.   The typical waterfall model has clearly defined interconnecting steps that ultimately arrives at a definitive answer.  So if your client’s customers ask the same questions, that ultimately end at the same answer, then this model might be a best option for you. 

(3) The other, and more labor intensive, and less intelligent solution is the search and display model.   Search topic: “system not working”  Result: an article is displayed relating the question that instructs the agent how to answer the call.  

If I have to call customer support for personal or business reasons, I most always ask the question, "what else is it that I need to know?"  In most cases, this question totally stumps the agent.  The reason for this is because they are being treated as robots, or an extension of the technology they are using, and they don’t how how to respond beyond what they are being told.  

For this reason, I like model one or two because both the agent and the customer gain insight and understanding into the question/answer as they use those models. 

Dennis L. Thomas
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Leveraging Organizational Knowledge 

On September 4, 2021 at 10:04:51 AM, Elizabeth Raju (elizabethraju@...) wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am big fan of this community and follow the comments by the brilliant KMers from around the world.


I am writing to get your valuable suggestions on effective knowledge capture in a Service Desk setup.
This question is specifically for the on-boarding phase knowledge capture (initial kb setup).

We are creating a tech support desk for a client. As a part of this I will be taking over clients knowledge capture to help triage calls and issues. 
As part of the initial knowledge capture, I want to make sure that no clutter is created. There is a lot of information obtained in raw form, just want to separate chaff from the grain.

I want to create a KB which is useful and avoid creation of unwanted knowledge as much as possible. How do I go about it?

Just to give an idea:

I am thinking as below:

Capture through previous experience

  1. Use reports to understand the top issue drivers in the service area and focus knowledge capture in that direction
  2. Take advantage of the already existing support groups (SD agents) to understand the trends in issues encountered (committee formation/collaboration).
  3. Understand from the client themselves what kind of issues they generally encounter

Use the above three as the base to setup the KB.


I would like to hear from you –  other ideas, your suggestions and experiences.


Thank you so much!


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