Re: Effective Knowledge Capture during initial KB setup in a IT support environment #call-center #knowledge-capture

Elizabeth Raju

Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas, Dennis! I appreciate it. Yes, by triage I meant assigning priorities to the requests or calls.

Your first point very much aligns with the KCS concept which we would be using in our running phase.



I would like to classify our knowledge capture into three phases:

  1. During the initial stage i.e. onboarding – a phase when we are setting up things, figuring out services we will be providing and what kind of issues may come up as calls to service desk.
  2. During the running phase – that’s when the support desk is setup and the calls starts coming in – here the unknown becomes the known through calls we receive.
  3. Service improvement phase – improve and derive value out of the already known.

I am looking for knowledge capture for the first phase (initial stage) when we have more of unknown and need to capture assuming certain parameters. A way to know what the customers may ask or what issues may arise before starting the support. Just want to find a method to drill down to those parameters using existing resources.

Thank you so much!


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