Looking for a new job challenge in the “Information & Knowledge Management” space. #jobs #personal

Ginetta Gueli

Dear SIKM members,

my name is Ginetta Gueli and some of you know me, but for those who do not, let me briefly present.

I have more than 15 years of experience in the field as "Information & Knowledge Manager". In particularly in the latest years I have been responsible to lead digitalization projects (in one case also reporting directly to the CEO), as well as to initiate and carry out knowledge management initiatives in order to improve information sharing, team cooperation and value-added services for the organization’s customers.

At the moment I am cooperating, among other things, with a professor from the University of Rome Tor Vergata on a practical university research aimed at understanding the impact of AI on knowledge management processes.

As I am actively looking for a new job opportunity, I am reaching the entire community in case some of you is in search of a professional like me or as full staff member (preferred) or as independent consultant (I can invoice at international level).

Some of my hard skills are: Knowledge Management ● Project Management ● Knowledge Maps and Social Network Analysis ● Business process analysis ● Workflow reengineering ● Research and analysis ● Intelligence initiatives ● Data Management ● IT platform implementations and integration ● CoP ● Team coordination and training ● Budget management ● Change management ● Presentations

You can find more info about me on my SIKM profile (https://sikm.groups.io/g/main/profile/4653806) or on LinkedIN (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ginetta-gueli-7800306/). I can also share my CV with anyone who is interested to have the details of my background and I will be always happy to have a “get to know each other call” or an interview 😊.

Thank you for your positive consideration and all the best,


Ginetta Gueli
Information & Knowledge Manager | Project Manager

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