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Just went to the site. It is not clear how to edit the page or even if I can. If it is open then we should all be able to edit it.


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RE: [sikmleaders] Re: Wiki

I justed created one, it currently open to public.

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[sikmleaders] Re: Wiki

Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in. Interestingly, as Stan points out the ability of any SIKM member to lead a wiki is independent of a host source, such as APQC. A wiki is the perfect example of a true peer-to-peer app, as well as being one of the most visible open source tools as well. So while we use wikis within APQC, I think Stan’s guidance here to start one through the many sources available is the way to go. Good luck with it, and I hope we’ll be able to make useful contributions to it also.

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