New member looking for new opportunities #jobs

vs_shenoy <vs_shenoy@...>


New to the group, and I should say after reading so many emails and
listening to the recordings, I liken discovering SIKM to Hernan Cortes
discovering the Aztecs!! (sorry for the drama)

I am currently looking at new opportunities in KM, though I have had
very limited success. I am interested in Content Architecture,
Collaboration, and Content Sharing, and in particular discovering
Content and Knowledge Sharing models using business process modeling.
I have taken on primarily technical roles while working on Content
Management solutions using ASP.NET to Documentum for implementations
(in Higher Education and Pharmaceuticals). But now I am also looking
to learn and apply more social tools and process improvements (the
softer side) into technical solutions in my future pursuits.

I would be glad to hear from others in the group about opportunities
there may be in KM, or to even discuss ideas in work they are
currently doing. I'd also be happy with any advice you might have
about skills and approach for my search.

Thanks to Stan for pointing me to some opportunities already!!

I look forward to hearing from you all :)


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