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Simon Dückert

We use Discourse as community platform (, around 1.600 members) in combination with Mediawiki as wiki platform ( and Nextcloud as file/collaboration platform).

In another context we use discourse as platform for an open podcasting community (, around 3.800 members).

In general we are very happy with discourse, it's a good combination of a classical bulletin board/discussion forum (like phpbb, reddit, stackoverflow) enriched with web 2.0 features (e.g. categories, tagging, wiki-mode, rss-feeds, mobile app).

One drawback of discourse is that you have to format posts with markdown which non-technical users are not used to. But there is a WYSIWYG plugin (, we do not use it).

Fokussiert, produktiv und vernetzt arbeiten mit lernOS:

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Betreff: [SIKM] Discourse and communities and more
All - for me Community is not about technology, but I have a question about technology - all the same.  I have a client who would like to create a new community experience and would like to use what they currently have available.  They use Google Sites, Discourse (discussion platform), and confluence and would like to spin this "straw" into an effective community template.  Based on my research and experience, I see lots of challenges and potential show-stoppers.  

Does anyone happen to have experience with this combination of applications in a community context?  

Thanks, Dan

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