Re: SIKM Wiki : retaining the highly reusable know-how #wikis

Susan Ostreicher

Hello Rachad, 

Thank you for this suggestion. I'm interested to hear what others think. 

I'm a big fan of wikis, and I think they can be an effective way for groups to collaborate. At the same time, I think the curation aspect is critical. Even if any member is capable of creating and editing pages, my feeling is that designing and maintaining a useful wiki would require at least one highly involved "owner". 

Another risk I see is that copying and pasting discussion threads into a wiki could tend to duplicate content, without adding extra value. There might be other ways for a wiki to add value without duplicating. For example, maybe it could be used to summarize and group hashtags (since I think only lists these in alphabetical order.) 

Again, this is my perspective based on past experience with wikis, and I'm interested to hear other opinions from this group. 


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