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Yao Ge

correction - I meant to say "Wikipedia is NOT suited for discussion
and exchange of view points".

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I think one of the draw back of Yahoo Group is it is relatively
participation in discussion. IMHO, we should have a team blogging
environment that each member can post topics of interest or ask a
question. The commenting of the blog post should be open to public
can potentially more effective as I have cases in the past that I
forwarded the discussion to my co-worker, they want to causally
join the
discussion but no signed up as member.

Wiki is a knowledge base that are made up with topics that are
contextually connected to each other (such as encyclopedia, or
glossary). The wiki are more effective blogs when we have a need to
co-author something (such as missions and objectives) or create
something that a lot more neutral (within the group) such as
an interesting topic by compiling our past discussions. However it
also used with stronger individual authorship (such as Google
Knol). We
just need to anwser this question - what are we missing with the
threaded discussion forum? I don't think we should put everything
Wikipedia as it is suited for discussion and exchange of point of
We should, however, at least create a entry in Wikipedia
definiting SIKM
group and reference to our community site(s).

I think no matter what we do, we should keep all contents within
site (or two the most) so that we don't create fragementation and
dilution to focus.



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I agree wholeheartedly with Andrew (and Dave). I had the same
feeling as
he did with the mention of the wiki. Contributing to Wikipedia
has been
problematic for many of us, I think, for various reasons. Any
wiki starts with a shared, articulated goal and common sense of
What is that for this group?

A wiki for SIKM could be a place to do both as Andrew suggests
(focus on
how you can achieve the goals of KM) as well as an organizing tool
people to declare their intentions to work on specific topic
areas, make
commitments, and manage the work).


Patti Anklam
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A new poll has been created for the sikmleaders group:
Hmm... unfortunately this poll doesn't really allow me to answer
question accurately. It is not a question of either/or.

* Yes, I think we should contribute to the existing Wikipedia
entries on topics related to KM.
* No, I don't think we should enter all of the content we want
create into Wikipedia. It would be both inappropriate and not
enough for that much of an open audience.
* Yes, I think there could be benefits to our creating our own
wiki to develop other KM content.

When the wiki was first mentioned, I was not particularly fond of
idea. tehre seemed to be too much of the let's pool all of our
into a definitive KM repository about the idea. Part of the reason
like the distribution list is because we can discuss things that we
don't necessarily all agree with but we have sufficient experience
respect for each other that we can have an informed discussion
about the
details and alternatives. Sometimes we (or at least I) sit back and
listen because I am not sure I agree, but I am interested in
what others think.

If you then take that content and say "this is what we as the SI KM
community think" to a larger audience, I may be forced to come
and state my objections. Or at least my doubts. Which would then
tend to
interrupt what I consider a very beneficial conversation.

That is not to say you can't also have active discussions within
But that is not the best mechanism for back and forth.

So I guess what I am saying is this:

* It is very important to me, as a member of SIKM, that we keep
the discussion group for the discussions.
* I also agree it would be useful (both to ourselves and
if we, as Dave suggests, participate in the public articulation of
basic concepts of KM through the appropriate channels, most notably
* I also think there could be uses for an SIKM wiki, assuming
start by agreeing, even loosely, to what the goals are for that
wiki as
distinct from the goals of the discussion and the public wikis.

Just as an example, an SIKM wiki might focus on how you can
achieve the
goals of KM (vs. the definition of what those goals are). I am not
advocating that. I am just giving that as an example.

Andrew Gent
Knowledge Architect
Incredibly Dull <>

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