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Karolina Zimniak

To add to what was mentioned. When I started reading tor description it simply reminded me the product development lifecycle. The last phase is called “Maintain or kill” which could be too dramatic if you try to find the appropriate term ;) or sunsetting.

Here’s just an example of an article explaining all the phases. 

Product Development Process or Product Development Lifecycle - PM Vidya 

Product Development Process or Product Development Lifecycle - PM Vidya

What is Product Development Process? In simple words, the Product Development process is the process or a series of steps that every product goes through

You could find and use a product example that went through these phases and show how management made executive decision to sunset a product even though it had its success on the market previously. However, just like you described in your example, market conditions changed and it cost more to keep the product than to simply sunset it.

I use a lot of product development and service design approach in my KM practice.

Hope that helps.

On Saturday, January 15, 2022, 6:44 AM, Ginetta Gueli via <ginetta.gueli@...> wrote:

Hi Stephen,
I am not sure that mine could be a snappy name to describe this type of knowledge failure, but my suggestion is "Erase and Rewind", which is also the name of a famous song that could fit this situation in a certain you mentioned the "music industry" :-).

Good luck and all the best,
Ginetta Gueli
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