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One of the learning activities we've got going in CPsquare is to look at the community & practice issues involved in being a Wikepedia editor AND a member of a community that's visible in Wikipedia.  So: trying to look at community muti-membership "on the ground", so to speak.  Talking with one guy every month for a year about his experience of straddling & boundary crossing.
Our first session -- last month -- was quite fascinating: we talked about the career path of "a wikipedian"...

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Dave -
Actually, I edited the original article (there was one legitimately problematic paragraph) and then recast as a sub-heading under knowledge markets.  I'm happy to note that both have lasted more than a year and that others have added content to give them additional breadth and depth.
You probably didn't see it because, somehow, I forgot to include a link to KM in the article (which I just added)!  So, I'm happy; the Wikipedia philosophy remains intact; and there's more KM stuff than is apparent at first glance.
Al Simard

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