Podcast: Working with processes - Roger Tregear & Stefan Norrvall #podcast #process

Matt Moore <matt@...>

- What the heck is a process really?

- What are common misconceptions about working with processes?

- How do processes link to strategy?

- How does Business Process Management link to fields like Service Design and Customer Journey Mapping?

 Roger Tregear is Principal Advisor at TregearBPM. He spends his working life talking, consulting, thinking, presenting, recording, and writing about the analysis, innovation, improvement, and management of business processes. Roger’s practice and client base are global with assignments completed in 15 countries. Roger writes, presents, and records videos on many topics related to process-based management.

 Stefan Norrvall plays around in the space of organisations that could be viewed as the intersection of learning, design, development, architecture, and strategy. Despite his cynicism of mainstream management and organisational practices he's still giving it a crack as the constructive irritant trying to change the system from the inside. He's that annoying person that that keep saying there are better ways to do this you know... He's currently working with a large Telco to try and shift how it thinks about design of work systems and process management.

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