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Arthur Shelley

Al et al,


Wikispaces seems easy enough and is also free.

There are also some good basic wiki “video tutorials” (just a few minutes each on how to set everything up).

It also has the useful free addition of being able to set up basic profiles with photos and attached files.

I believe it is possible to have a “private group” site and an approval process for joiners is embedded.


I have no vested interest in wikispaces.  I just contribute to a few communities there and find it easy to use.

All content is under a creative commons license.


Maybe something SIKM might like to try?


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A few thoughts.


In my experience, Wikipedia is a place for finished articles, even if they're small.  At least to the point that they can survive the assorted bots and reviews while others enhance them.  Developing articles for Wikipedia would be a limited purpose for a SIKM wiki.  Posting stable content that we develop that seems appropriate for Wikipedia would be a fine secondary purpose.


There's been some recent interest about "life cycle management for knowledge.  Developing criteria & indicators for such seems a good purpose for setting up a wiki-based discussion.  As other questions or issues arise, separate discussion pages could be added to a SIKM wiki.


I've worked with both Yahoo and Google.  Yahoo doesn't host wikis and group exchanges won't work for this purpose, so that's out.  I've seen an awful lot of garbage on open Google sites, so if we use Google, we should keep it for SIKM members only AND have it invisible to the general public.  Google wikis are intuitive and easy to use.  I could easily set one up, but they seem to be linked to organizational domains.  If yes, that won't work here.  


I have used another free wiki site that I will investigate this afternoon, although it seems to have some firewall issues and is more difficult to use than Google.  


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