Re: New poll for sikmleaders - Create a wiki page? #wikis #poll

Albert Simard <simarda@...>

Oky Doky
Just to get something going, I set up a page on Wikispaces.  It seems more intuitive than (which also has firewall issues).  On first glance, It doesn't seem as powerful as Google wiki, but I can set it up from work but outside of my work domain (our !@#$%^ firewall again!)
I seeded the page with content from the Northwest KM group site, which doesn't have provisions for editing as in a wiki (I missed the bottom paragraph!).  Since someone already has an outline, let's begin there.
Everyone can view the site, but only members can edit it.  Although there is a provision to invite people to join, I don't have all the necessary e-mail addresses, so let's see how it works when you request membership.
Anyone from SIKM with an interest in life-cycle management for knowledge is invited to participate.
Just for clarification.  There should be only one SIKM wiki containing all our pages.  If this doesn't end up as that site, I'll gladly move whatever content we have to the "endorsed" site.
Al Simard

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