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Albert Simard <simarda@...>

Dale -
You have hit an important KM nail squarely on the head.  "I have a solution; what's the problem?"  I argued this point, to no avail, in my former department, when a wiki was set up, with no specific objective, just to see what would happen.
In the specific SIKM case, there doesn't seem to be much literature on the subject of life-cycle management of knowledge, scientific or otherwise (notwithstanding DeLong's book).  And there seemed to be interest in the subject expressed by some SIKM members.  A couple of members mentioned a KM site on wikispace, so I set up a page on that site to see if a group of "enthusiasts" might be able to collectively construct something on the subject - a specific and limited objective.  To my mind, that's what social networking is all about.
Returning to my former employer, what happened is that, over the course of a year, several hundred people participated in posting and gradually developing more than 2,000 articles.  Peer production represents a significant cultural change and will take longer.  So, I was proven wrong and somteimes it is true that if you build it (and proactively promote it, and it is useful), they will come.
Al Simard

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