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Kent Greenes



I’m happy share my experience and insights.  I also suggest reaching out to Dan Ranta. He has had a similar journey.


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Hi Martin


My suggestion is to contact Kent Greenes.  My thoughts are that you would find talking with him very useful. I worked with Kent at SAIC in the late 90s and early 00s after he came over from BP.


I cc’d Kent on this email.











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Urgent question 


Dear all

Can anyone of you give me the name of a C level executive in a major engineering-driven company, preferably in Europe, who has really been involved in building the company's KM system? There were many around in the early 2000s (Think about Von Pierer at Siemens, Brown at BP, and even Welsh at GE) but I have a hard time finding one today. Strangely enough, KM seems to have become a topic for middle managers despite the fact that it is undoubtedly a cultural issue.

Any idea?

Many thanks to all.

Best Regards

Martin R. Dugage

Framatome SAS


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