Investment Distribution of Knowledge Transfer #knowledge-sharing

Tammy Bearden

Hello SIKM community. 

I am doing research to benchmark how other legal, technical, or professional firms invest in training and knowledge transfer to equip early career professional to grow into mid-level and sr-level leaders. What is the relative distribution of training dollars? (Including the opportunity cost of professionals attending training at the expense of not attending to billable work.)


I am seeking both a top down point of view (“we invest $x in training programs for our young professionals” or “we require our employees to complete ____hrs. of training at ____-level.") and a bottom up point of view (“I started receiving more training/more robust training when I hit ____-level.” or “All my training and knowledge transfer at ___-level was on-the-job/within-project training.)


To the extent that you or your network has either organizationally scripted answers or personal insights, I’d be interested in a conversation or their feedback.


Thanks so much!

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