Re: April 2022 SIKM Call: Patricia Eng - To ISO or not to ISO? #monthly-call #standards

Stan Garfield

Today we held our 200th monthly call. Thanks to Patricia for presenting, to those who spoke up and posted in the chat, and to all those who attended. Please continue the discussion here by replying to this thread. Here are the details of the call:
  • April 19, 2022 SIKM Call: Patricia Eng - To ISO or not to ISO? ISO 30401: Knowledge Management Systems From an Auditor’s Perspective
  • Slides
  • Recording
Group Chat
  • Stan: Nick Milton's talk: ISO 30401:2018 - The Management System Standard for KM and what it might do for you
  • Stan: Chris Collison's talk: Chefs’ Stories from the KM Cookbook
  • Brett Patron: I love the KM cookbook concept
  • Patrick Lambe: It is an excellent book, with great illustrative examples of meeting requirements
  • Tim Powell: This is excellent stuff! 30401 seems like a major leap forward for KM as a management discipline.
  • Marcie Zaharee: very interesting, thank you
  • Eve Porter-Zuckerman: I agree, very interesting information! Thank you!
  • Nate Sampson: Your comments on explaining what KM is and is not to your organization rings true to me as a relatively new corporate knowledge manager. Glad to hear those struggles are shared across organizations and maybe we're still on track to advance KM practices and standards.
  • Tim Powell: If there are few certified auditors, this seems like a major drawback.  Is there any systematic plan to address this?
  • Curtis Conley: Very informative - thank you so much!
  • Bart Verheijen: Thanks for your presentation and explanation Patricia!
  • Tim Powell: Thank you for the helpful presentation!
  • Brett Patron: Excellent presentation, thank you!
  • David Frank: Thanks Patricia for the interesting presentation. You really simplified it in a good way.
  • Patrick Lambe: Thanks Patricia!
  • Grazyna Wykowska: Thank you very much! Very interesting!

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