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Murray Jennex

for an academic the best KM conference is the Knowledge, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Systems Track at the Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences, HICSS. I say this because HICSS is Scopus listed, is considered to be the best IS research conference in the world, and the best paper dissemination of any conference, there are over 2 million downloads of papers over the last couple of years, and finally, HICSS papers are considered journal publication ready and many journals take them directly with proper acknowledgement of the conference. I am the track chair so I am biased, but the facts I've laid out are not my own. If you are in Australia HICSS is considered a B (unheard of for a conference)....murray jennex

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Subject: [SIKM] Selecting/Evaluating KM conferences

As a new tenure track faculty member (bridging the library and KM disciplines), I find myself in the position of justifying my proposal submission choices regarding KM conferences to library faculty who lack familiarity with the discipline.

I am trying to get an idea of the various (and numerous) KM conferences and who their targets are, how the KM community views them, and their level of prestige as this information will help me back up my decisions.

This seemed like a good venue to ask fellow KM practitioners to share your thoughts on which of the KM conferences you recommend and why?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and insight,
Jennilyn Wiley
Assistant Professor| Business & Economics Librarian
Auburn University Libraries

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