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Murray Jennex

some more input:

The European KM conference is easy to get into, good for meeting other KM academics, but weak on research quality

The Association for Information Systems, AIS, has KM minitracks/tracks in their conferences:
ECIS, European Conference on IS is the best, harder to get into but good quality research and good place to meet KM researchers
AMCIS, Americas Conference on IS is easier to get into, but the research quality is lower, it is a good place to meet KM researchers
ICIS, International Conference on Information Systems, is very difficult to get into, the research tends to be a little weird, but the networking is excellent
PACIS, Pacific Conference on IS I don't know about.

There are several other KM conferences of smaller size, I can't comment on them

Murray E. Jennex

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Thanks to Jennilyn for posting and to Murray for responding. Can anyone else reply with their recommended conferences?

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