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Interesting story of how knowledge in an online forum shaped Taiwan virus response By T J Elliott ·
Post Pandemic Playbook for Enterprises - KM Opportunity? By Tom Short ·
Learning Not Blame -- “Inquiry” Not “Inquisition.” We Can Work With This in Getting Back to Some Form of Normal. 14 messages By ... ·
Sharing my article on KM in the times of Covid 6 messages By Pavel Kraus ·
Podcasts - COVID-19 misinformation, prototyping and art 3 messages By Dan Ranta ·
Covid-19 learning from Bangladesh By Rezwan Alam ·
UNICEF seeking Senior Consultant (Home Based) - COVID-19 response Lessons Learned By Ivan Butina ·
Homeworking: is the city centre dead? (free zoom conference) By Gavin Chait ·
The role of KM in COVID-19 By Robert L. Bogue ·
Podcast: Surveillance, Security & COVID-19 - John Bordeaux By ... ·
During this extraordinary time, what are we learning about the answer to the question: What is work? 3 messages By Tom Short ·
KM in disaster management 32 messages By Tom Short ·
Organizational Virus? 24 messages By Dennis Pearce ·
Risk Behaviours & COVID-19 2 messages By ... ·
KM in disaster management #covid-19 -- failure theme for KMWorld? 14 messages By Jane Dysart ·
Tips to enjoy a safe social life with COVID-19 By Jean-Claude F. Monney ·
REPORT: Organizational readiness for COVID-19 in Australia 4 messages By ... ·
KMDC virtual meeting - Role of KM leaders in COVID-19 Reality By Neeran Saraf · Edited
Why it is a unique time to demonstrate the value of knowledge management (KM) practices–Creating Value from One’s Knowledge" By bill@workingknowledge-csp.com ·
Remote working double feature - 1. COVID-19 preparedness & 2. remote working as exile By ... ·
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