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June 2022 SIKM Call: Chris Payne - Delivering the Olympic Games During a Pandemic: A KM perspective 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
March 2022 SIKM Call: Vanessa DiMauro - Accelerating Knowledge at Scale: A mini case study 2 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
Help me collate some resources on the challenge of returning to office working 8 messages By Jonathan Norman ·
Blog posts on the DIKW Pyramid and our ability to assess problems exponentially vs. linearly 29 messages By Dennis Pearce ·
June 2021 SIKM Call: Gavin Chait - Data Curation: Data probity in a time of COVID 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
How will conferences change post-COVID? 10 messages By Patrick Lambe ·
Knowledge Manager Position—Job Search in the time of COVID 19 messages By Abbe Wiesenthal ·
Webinar: COVID Vaccination Misinformation - 24 Feb 21 3 messages By Tim Powell ·
UNICEF seeking Senior Consultant (Home Based) - COVID-19 response Lessons Learned By Ivan Butina ·
Covid-19 learning from Bangladesh By Rezwan Alam ·
Homeworking: is the city centre dead? (free zoom conference) By Gavin Chait ·
Powering into an active future? Or Slamming on the brakes? 8 messages By Dan Keldsen ·
Gritting Teeth and Raising Eyebrows with Johnnie Moore - 13 August 3 messages By ... ·
Remembering the Pandemic - VIDEOS By ... ·
Podcasts - COVID-19 misinformation, prototyping and art 3 messages By Dan Ranta ·
UTS webinar - Remembering the Pandemic 3 messages By ... ·
Knowledge Management article: The Moderating Effects of Dynamic Capabilities on Radical Innovation and Incremental Innovation Teams in the Global Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Industry 9 messages By Dennis Thomas ·
The role of KM in COVID-19 By Robert L. Bogue ·
Sharing my article on KM in the times of Covid 6 messages By Pavel Kraus ·
Interesting story of how knowledge in an online forum shaped Taiwan virus response By T J Elliott ·
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