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Business Case for CoP Participation 24 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Etienne Wenger's new book: 'Systems Convening - a crucial form of leadership for the 21st century' - role that sits above CoPs 6 messages By Patrick Lambe ·
August 2021 SIKM Call: Andrew Trickett - Communities of Practice: Challenges, Curiosity and Dragons 3 messages By Kim Glover ·
Job Post: Digital Community Manager - Education Systems & Services By Ginetta Gueli ·
Stan Garfield session at KMLF on Community Principles 3 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Request to complete the Community Roundtable's 2021 State of Community Management Survey 2 messages By Miguel Cornejo ·
KnowledgeWebcast - Dr. Rachad Najjar 2 messages By Martin Dugage ·
New ways to Measure Community 2 messages By Arthur Shelley ·
Topical/threaded discussions and KM 5 messages By Connie Smith ·
COP Charters or Templates 7 messages By Tom Barfield ·
Graphical Depiction of EKM Collaboration/COPs or KM Integration 4 messages By Stacie Jordan Brenkovich ·
The New Yammer and the best ever KM service being developed: Project Cortex. 27 messages By Simon Denton ·
Formalizing an SME Network 20 messages By David Graffagna ·
CoPs Implementation using ESN (e.g. Yammer) and/or Messaging (e.g. Teams) 27 messages By Susan Hanley ·
Driving innovation through community 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
April 2019 SIKM Call: Louis-Pierre Guillaume - Measuring the value of communities: Schneider Electric case study 2 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
Global community platforms and languages 8 messages By Stephen Bounds ·
February 2019 SIKM Call: Bill Kaplan: The Value of CoPs in International Financial Institutions 4 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
Community of practice resuscitation attempt 5 messages By Dan Rasmus ·
Want to be part of creating an International Knowledge Professional Society? 4 messages By Arthur Shelley ·
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