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Yammer for True Communities of Practice 17 messages By Laurence Lock Lee ·
Starter Kit for CoPs 5 messages By Nancy White ·
Content Library Quality Assurance at Scale 3 messages By Kelsey George ·
CoPs vs Enterprise-wide Repository 8 messages By Rory Huston ·
Apps for mobile users 4 messages By Eric Lindamood ·
Rebels, Coalitions, and Communities - How does one find like minded folks? 26 messages By Robert M. Taylor ·
Interview with Stan Garfield (insights on CoPs) 5 messages By Kendra Albright ·
Communities of top managers ? 3 messages By bill@workingknowledge-csp.com ·
Communities of practice, and right technology platforms, enablers to effectively facilitate the community 7 messages By Ilaria Urbani ·
Understanding the NFT Community'​ dynamics: Insights from 30 days of immersion. By Rachad Najjar ·
March 2022 SIKM Call: Vanessa DiMauro - Accelerating Knowledge at Scale: A mini case study 2 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
Engaging account teams in CoP's 6 messages By Nick Milton ·
Free tools for hosting Communities of Practice 8 messages By Keeley Sorokti · Edited
Discourse and communities and more 5 messages By Simon Dückert · Edited
Business Case for CoP Participation 24 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Etienne Wenger's new book: 'Systems Convening - a crucial form of leadership for the 21st century' - role that sits above CoPs 6 messages By Patrick Lambe ·
August 2021 SIKM Call: Andrew Trickett - Communities of Practice: Challenges, Curiosity and Dragons 3 messages By Kim Glover ·
Job Post: Digital Community Manager - Education Systems & Services By Ginetta Gueli ·
Stan Garfield session at KMLF on Community Principles 3 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Request to complete the Community Roundtable's 2021 State of Community Management Survey 2 messages By Miguel Cornejo ·
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