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September 2022 SIKM Call: Dan Ranta and Arielle Band - Creating Strategic Alignment to Drive Purposeful Collaboration 7 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Benchmark Request: Has Anyone Supported Business Continuity Teams with their KM Program 2 messages By bill@workingknowledge-csp.com ·
How KM can help combine or leverage subject matter knowledge from several different domains to address one problem 17 messages By Mohammad Hasanzadeh ·
What is the current/future role of AI in the KM processes? 7 messages By Dennis Thomas ·
New book: Beyond Collaboration Overload, by Rob Cross 5 messages By Rachad Najjar ·
Evolving collaboration plan/solution to KM strategy/implementation 7 messages By Tom Short ·
Knowledge sharing culture 50 messages By Stacie Jordan Brenkovich ·
Cal Newport comes to bury Slack, not praise it By ... ·
December 2020 SIKM Call: Arthur Shelley - Behavioral DNA of Collaborative Leadership 5 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Podcast with Luis Suarez - Online collaboration, analytics & behaviour By ... ·
PODCAST: Collaboration Analytics and Remote Work - Laurie Lock Lee By ... ·
Graphical Depiction of EKM Collaboration/COPs or KM Integration 4 messages By Stacie Jordan Brenkovich ·
We need a team site. Will you create one for our organization? 7 messages By Robert L. Bogue ·
Collaborative work exercises 10 messages By Tom Short ·
New post up on how to solve the virtual team low engagement and poor collaboration problem By Nancy Dixon ·
Team KM Experience 7 messages By Sandra Lopez ·
Collaboration, Emotion, Medicine, Business, Romance - Sydney - 14 June 7 messages By ... ·
Free UTS event - Finding the sweet spot between security and collaboration - Sydney, 21 March 2018 4 messages By ... ·
November 2017 SIKM Call: Dan Ranta on Collaboration at GE 2 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
October 2017 SIKM Call: Kate Pugh - Collaboration and the Four Discussion Disciplines 2 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
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