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Open Source Tool for Qualitative Data 4 messages By Jennilyn Wiley · Edited
Principles of data probity in open research sharing - UK commercial location data By Gavin Chait ·
July 2021 SIKM Call: John Girard - KM (still) Matters: Lessons from the Field 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
June 2021 SIKM Call: Gavin Chait - Data Curation: Data probity in a time of COVID 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
May 2021 SIKM Call: Tony Rhem - Artificial Intelligence & Big Data In Knowledge Management 4 messages By Monica Henao-Calad ·
Teaching data curation / knowledge management for data scientists 2 messages By Frank Guerino ·
Making Intangible knowledge visible to traditional leaders 18 messages By Patrick Lambe ·
Advice 2 messages By Stephen Bounds ·
Data wrangling for data management By Gavin Chait ·
Open source data wrangling and audit By Gavin Chait ·
January 2020 SIKM Call: David Eddy - Alchemy of Data Elements: Top Down Meets Bottom Up 3 messages By Lee Romero ·
Data-wrangling as a service 6 messages By Gavin Chait ·
KM for Data Science 10 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Article: Understanding the different forms and purposes of Reference Data for Master Data Management By Frank Guerino ·
Article Data Profiles as tools for Data Lineage and better Data, Information, Records, and Knowledge Management By Frank Guerino ·
Article: Understanding Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) By Frank Guerino ·
April 2016 SIKM Call: Gavin Chait - Open Data: KM with a Public Benefit 5 messages By Gavin Chait ·
Tom Davenport - It's Way Too Late Not to Know Where Your Data Is By Gary Riccio ·
Crowdsourcing vs. Analytics/Big Data 7 messages By karla Phlypo-Price ·
Big data for information managers 20 messages By Patrick Lambe ·
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