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January 2021 SIKM Call: Ron Young - Integration of Knowledge and Innovation Standards 5 messages By Arthur Shelley ·
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February 2015 SIKM Call: Kate Pugh - How Great KMers are Innovation Conveners 10 messages By Madelyn Blair ·
May 2014 SIKM Call: Karla Phlypo - Facilitating ideation with external open collaborative communities 2 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
Using metaphors to stimulate innovation 2 messages By ... ·
Need some assistance on my PhD interview instrument 9 messages By karla Phlypo-Price ·
What is the difference between innovation and invention? 15 messages By Stan Garfield ·
The best idea management systems include knowledge management attributes. By ... ·
Just joined your group! Idea Management Systems SME 2 messages By ... ·
May 2010 SIKM Call: Carol Csanda - Idea Management at State Farm 2 messages By Stan Garfield · Edited
Knowledge-Lab: Innovation practice in times of crises, Part III By ... ·
December 2009 SIKM Call: Rick Wallace - The Relationship of Learning, Knowledge and Sustaining Innovation By Stan Garfield · Edited
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