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Tools to support Social Network Analysis (SNA) projects 10 messages By Jennilyn Wiley ·
The Importance of KM to Organizations - Request for help in preparing an introductory course 19 messages By Tim Powell ·
Seeking a program manager job By Sudipta Brahma ·
How would you describe this knowledge failure? 22 messages By Paul McDowall ·
January 2022 SIKM Call: Rachad Najjar - A system-thinking approach to a learning organization transformation 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Looking for ideas to enhance KM in my team 12 messages By Phil Verghis ·
Using internal podcasts - case studies from companies 7 messages By Kim Glover ·
Invitation to register for course on KM Advanced Methodologies By Ved Prakash ·
Podcast on ritual By Matt Moore ·
Session on Tempo/Time 3 messages By Matt Moore ·
Blog posts on the DIKW Pyramid and our ability to assess problems exponentially vs. linearly 29 messages By Dennis Pearce ·
Knowledge management conversation 5 messages By Robert M. Taylor ·
Knowledge Coordinator (d/f/m) Offshore Wind RWE Hamburg, Germany Hybrid By Tanja Rimbach ·
- MAN-AGE-MENT-OR = Man aged to Mentor 3 messages By Dr Larry Jones-Esan ·
December 2021 SIKM Call: Madelyn Blair - Resilient Leadership and KM 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Digital Asset Management and Knowledge Re-use: webinars 3 messages By Tom Short · Edited
Integrated ticketing system By Edwin K. Morrris ·
KM and Mental Health 12 messages By Robert L. Bogue ·
IO’s with expertise locator? 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Two Webinars I did at a conference this week (re-recorded). By Rory Huston ·
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