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Knowledge Management State of the Art: Is KM out of fashion? 38 messages By bill@workingknowledge-csp.com ·
Invitation to free virtual seminar on the future of KM By Murray Jennex ·
October 2022 SIKM Call: Rory Huston and friends: Developing the next generation of KM Professionals 3 messages By Patrick Lambe ·
KM Technology Trends 13 messages By Robert M. Taylor ·
July 2021 SIKM Call: John Girard - KM (still) Matters: Lessons from the Field 2 messages By Stan Garfield ·
As KM professionals "How can we Nurture KM economy" ? By Santhosh Shekar ·
Tools disrupting KM 9 messages By Dennis Pearce ·
Request: Removal from KM Thought Leaders list 5 messages By Boris Jaeger ·
Are knowledge managers losing jobs right now? 20 messages By Daan Boom ·
In what Industries or Segments does KM Thrive? 60 messages By Stephen Bounds ·
The New Yammer and the best ever KM service being developed: Project Cortex. 27 messages By Simon Denton ·
What is the most challenging question for the KM community? What is our biggest fear? 50 messages By Stan Garfield ·
Is KM really dying? 34 messages By Arthur Shelley ·
Sharing TSIA 2017 state of KM Survey report By Jean-Claude F. Monney ·
KM for today & Tomorrow - Presentation to University Graduates : Do you have any presentation 3 messages By Vijayanandam VM ·
March 2017 SIKM Call: Steve Denning, Stan Garfield - Current State of KM: A frank discussion 15 messages By Albert Simard ·
Gartner on KM 13 messages By Frank Guerino ·
Article: Knowledge Management - An Industry Without Focus and Direction 12 messages By Frank Guerino ·
What will KM look like in 2031 - in a couple of sentences...? 51 messages By bill@workingknowledge-csp.com ·
KM State of the Art 2016 6 messages By Paul McDowall ·
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