November 2005 SIKM Call: Mark May - Knowledge Enablement in IBM Global Services #monthly-call

Garfield, Stan <stanley.garfield@...>

Today we held our sixth monthly call.  Here is a summary.


1.      Jerry Ash, Association of Knowledgework
2.      Tom Barfield, Accenture
3.      Steven Berzins, Accenture
4.      Seth Earley, Earley & Associates
5.      Stan Garfield, HP
6.      Jean Graef, Montague Institute
7.      Bruce Karney, independent consultant
8.      Michael Koffman, independent consultant
9.      Doug Madgic, Cisco
10.     Mark May, IBM
11.     Sarah Oldrin, Solvay
12.     Paul Rehmet, Unisys
13.     Chris Riemer, Knowledge Street LLC
14.     Kiran Seshadri, Tata Consultancy Services
15.     Reed Stuedemann, Caterpillar
16.     Sanjay Swarup, Ford
17.     Jack Vinson, Knowledge Jolt, Inc.
18.     Rebecca Winter, Whirlpool

Mark May presented "Knowledge Enablement in IBM Global Services."  His presentation is available at  IGS KE for Consulting and SI KM leaders November 15 2005.ppt.  Mark will invite a colleague to discuss communities of practice at IBM on a future call.

Members from Caterpillar, Ford, and Solvay expressed interest in translation of content.  This could be the topic of a future call.

Thanks to those of you who were on the call.  I will send out a reminder for future calls on the business day prior to the call.

Future Calls

December 20:  Tom Davenport will discuss his latest book, "Thinking for a Living."

January 17:  Doug Madgic will present on KM at Cisco Advanced Services.

If you are willing to give a presentation on a future call, please let me know the topic and the desired month.