2006 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Winners Named #awards

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Subject: 2006 Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Winners

The winners of the 9th annual Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises
(MAKE) study, conducted by Teleos in association with The KNOW Network,
have been announced.

This year the following organizations have been recognized as 2006
Global MAKE Winners (in alphabetical order):

- Accenture
- Apple Computer
- BHP Billiton
- Buckman Laboratories
- Dell
- Ernst & Young
- Fluor
- Google
- Hewlett-Packard
- Honda Motor
- McKinsey
- Microsoft
- Novo Nordisk
- PricewaterhouseCoopers
- Samsung Group
- Sony
- Tata Group
- 3M
- Toyota Motor Corporation
- Unilever

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The 2006 MAKE reports - Asia, Europe, India, Japan, North America and
Global - are available from Teleos either individually or as a set. Each
report contains MAKE rankings, key findings, best knowledge practices,
leaders by business sectors, trends, and profiles of winners. For more
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