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Hello Everyone:

The CKO of British Telecom and I presented a case study for the
integration of Knowledge and Content Management into Call Centers at
the Delphi Conf in San Diego yesterday. The presentation included an
overview of the start of the KM program at BT; the phasing of the
program; the business case (They're saving about $20 million per year
from a $5 million dollar KM effort); best practices and lessons learned.

I lead the project with him a few years back and it continues to be a
win for BT and the 14,000 CSR's who use it multiple times per day. I
tried to upload the presentation to the Yahoo group to share it with
all of you but it was too large, about 2.5 MB's, and it was rejected.

If you are interested in getting a copy, just send me a short note and
I will send you one. The abstact is below; let me know if you're

Take care,



Customer Service is defined at the point of connection with the
company's web environment or the Call Center Agent (CCA) for large
telecommunications organizations. British Telecom (BT) uses advanced
Knowledge and Content Management capabilities to support their 14,000+
CCA's and BT's customer facing website; the result is greatly improved
customer service.

BT decided over five years ago that there was more to the customer
satisfaction equation than implementing a CRM system.&#672;BT built an
advanced and personalized portal and content management environment
for its 14,000+ Call Center Agents that have driven extensive
improvements in the overall customer experience. Starting with a basic
portal, BT has continued to evolve their KM environment to broader CCA
audiences, deeper and more complex content types, and into other
customer support channels, such as the web support channel. The result
is a robust and valuable KM environment that continues to extend its
value in meeting the need of BT's Customer Service organization. While
technology will be discussed as a part of this in this session, the
primary focus will be on the financial business case and drivers, the
audience and user requirements and the integration of the KM
environment into the BT business process and other customer support

The session will outline: 1) The start of the programme and how it was
conducted successfully, 2) The growth and road-map of the programme
over the past 5 years as the roles, the content-types and the content
channels expanded, 3) The detailed financial business case levers
necessary to initiate the project, 4) A candid overview of Best
Practices and Lessons Learned from the programme.


Hello Greg:

Yes, I would love a copy of this, especially as it relates to an internal query that I got this week! Thanks so much!

Dianna Wiggins

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Christian DE NEEF <christian.deneef@...>

Hello Greg,

I am catching up just now on the sikm discussion group and I realize
we were both at the same conference. Unfortunately I didn't come and
listen to your presentation. Mine was on Knowledge issues related to

As this seems to happen quite often (the opportunity to meet on
conferences where some of us present) maybe it would be worthwhile
having a thread devoted to 'Who Presents Where?'.

Christian De Neef,
Management Consultant
mobile: +32 47 729 4756