November 2006 SIKM Call: Peter West - Nurturing Trust: Leveraging Knowledge #monthly-call #trust

Garfield, Stan <stanley.garfield@...>

Today we held our 18th monthly call.  Here is a summary.


1.      Randy Adkins

2.      Lisa Beckers (new member)

3.      Tom Barfield

4.      Steve Denning

5.      Stan Garfield

6.      Linda Hummel

7.      Bruce Karney

8.      Mike Koffman

9.      Jim Lee

10.     Doug Madgic

11.     Marilyn Perry

12.     Crystal Prince

13.     Paul Rehmet

14.     Chris Riemer

15.     Reed Stuedemann

16.     Eric Welch

17.     Peter West

Today's call featured Peter West on "Nurturing Trust - Leveraging Knowledge."  His presentation is available at NurturingTrust-SIKM.pps
For additional discussion, see

Thanks to Peter for his well-researched presentation.  Here is a positive comment I received after the call.

From: Steve Denning [ steve@... ]
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 12:05 PM
To: Garfield, Stan; 'Peter West'
Subject: Trust

Hi Stan, Peter

I enjoyed the presentation today -- much appreciated. 

Future Calls

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·       February 20, 2007: Lynn Busby - "Generational cultures and how they impact the way we work together"

·       March 20, 2007: Marilyn Martiny - "Collaboration across the demand chain: customers and suppliers"

·       April 17, 2007: Verna Allee - Modeling Complexity with Value Network Analysis

·       May 15, 2007: Steve Wieneke and Karla Phlypo - "KM Domain"

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·       September 18, 2007: Patrick Lambe

·       October 16, 2007: Kate Pugh and Veena Mahesh of Intel

Peter West <peter.west@...>

Fellow SIKMers,

For those of you who joined the SIKM teleconference today (and any others that have reviewed the slide deck) ...

I am always interested in learning about ways that I can improve the content and delivery of my presentations. If you get a chance, I would appreciate any feedback you might have about today's presentation.

Thank you in advance,