IBM Paper on Online Trust and Reputation Management #trust

Bruce Karney <bkarney@...>

Here's a link to an interesting 8-page paper from IBM

It discusses eBay's reputation management program and various
experiments that IBM has run on how the amount of "reputation
information" available to buyers affects the price that sellers can get
for their goods and the volume of transaction in online marketplaces.

One possible problem noted regarding eBay's system that only about 1
out every 100 evaluations is negative. This may indicate fear of
retaliation, which biases the accuracy of the reputation information
that is available to future buyers.

All in all, it's a very thought-provoking article, especially coming on
the heels of this month's conference call on trust.

Bruce Karney

Doug Madgic \(dmadgic\) <dmadgic@...>

On the topic of trust, Stephen Covey (son of the Stephen Covey most of us think of when we think of FranklinCovey) makes the point in his book that the key ingredient in the success of any enterprise is trust: Build trust, succeed. Fail to build trust and the foundation of success, no matter how strong they seem, will erode. You can hear Covey himself describe the importance of trust at