January 2007 SIKM Call: Bruce Karney - Demand Driven KM and Ignorance Elimination: Moving from 'We Have' to 'I Need' #monthly-call

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I really enjoyed this representation of Supply Driven --> Demand Driven
types of knowledge strategies. On the other hand, I could view this as
a natural progression from simple to complex. You may begin by
investigating an area of knowledge via on-line libraries. You might
progress in this area by completing a training course, learning a
standard procedure or company "best practice." Next you might check on
what recent practitioners have done in "tips 'n tricks" or a
help/"I learned"/storytelling knowledgebase. Finally, when you are
implementing your own (customized) solution you are relying
on "networking" and "validating your insights with others." In sum,
you utilize different knowledge management tools and strategies as your
expertise advances from an early stage to a more sophisticated level.
For any new topic you might progress through these stages again.

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Today we held our 20th monthly call.  Here is a summary.


1.      Tom Barfield

2.      Stephanie Barnes

3.      Lisa Beckers

4.      Lynn Busby

5.      Jim Coogan

6.      Raj Datta

7.      Stan Garfield

8.      Gita Haghi

9.      Marti Heyman

10.     Dave Hodgson

11.     Emily Hoelting (new member from Boeing)

12.     Linda Hummel

13.     Bill Kaplan

14.     Bruce Karney

15.     Mike Koffman

16.     Jim Lee

17.     Doug Madgic

18.     John McQuary

19.     Mark Neff

20.     Peggy Odem (new member from Halliburton)

21.     Kate Pugh

22.     Paul Rehmet

23.     Chris Riemer

24.     David Smith

25.     Sanjay Swarup

26.     Rick Wallace

Today's call featured Bruce Karney on "Demand Driven KM and Ignorance Elimination: Moving from 'We Have' to 'I Need'."  Bruce's slides are available at Bruce Karney SIKM Jan 16 2007.ppt.

Thanks to Bruce for presenting.  Here are comments I received about today's call.

Mike Koffman: "I really enjoyed this representation of Supply Driven --> Demand Driven types of knowledge strategies."

Linda Hummel: "I want my entire team to listen to the replay of today's call so they can think about KM in a broader perspective than the typical repository mind set."

Lisa Beckers: "Really excellent framework for us to all consider and use in our strategies. Thanks a lot!"

Peggy Odem: "I enjoyed Bruces talk."

Message posted by Mike Koffman: Bruce Karney's 2 x 2 matrix.

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