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Conversation, Storytelling and Leadership


Registrations for the Smithsonian event on Friday May 4, 2007 are:


There's also a one-page brochure that can be downloaded here:


And more information about the related Saturday May 5 event is here:

Seth Kahan <Seth@...>

I am writing to tell you about a conference on applied storytelling being held here in the Washington, DC, area on May 5th. My friends and professional colleagues are putting it together; it’s called the Golden Fleece conference (after the group here in DC by the same name). Both Steve Denning and I were part of the original team that introduced KM to the World Bank. As a result of that work, Steve began focusing his efforts on the power of storytelling.  We are working together behind this event and much that will be presented is based on or contributes to Knowledge Sharing in organizations.

I will be presenting the keynote, telling about the work I have been doing at Shell (see first bullet below). Among the presenters are internationally recognized leaders in the field of organizational storytelling.  More than a dozen will share tools, tips and techniques for using storytelling and conversation to accomplish organizational goals in organizations ranging from large, complex global business to a community-based not-for-profit as well as storytelling for advertising and marketing. This conference is taking place the day after the Smithsonian’s International conference on Organizational Storytelling. Both conferences are worth attending, and very inexpensive (Golden Fleece conference is $79 and Smithsonian is $98). 

To learn more and register for this conference, May 5th, go to
To learn more and register for Smithsonian conference, May 4th, go to

I have been interviewing each presenter for the Golden Fleece conference,  to learn exactly what they will be offering. Here is a 1-sentence summary on each.  These are people with experience to share that touches many industries and interests:


*Larry Forster (and I) will be kicking the whole day off by showing how Royal Dutch Shell is using story to create a connect-and-collaborate culture that accelerates positive change

*Gerry Lantz  will show how Dove is changing the conversation on women and aging, moving from marketing to a force for social dialogue.

*Lisa Hirsh & Tony Maione will take us inside the Rhode Island’s United Way reorganization, which became a catalyst for conversations and social change across the state.

*Kelly Cresap will lead us  into the power of our archetypes and how they manifest and can be harnessed at work

*Svend-Erik Engh is coming from Denmark to show us how to enter the stories that inform our day-to-day conversations

*Kathleen Golden will be demonstrating how to use  mind-mapping to gather and discover the treasure in stories

*Shaun Moffitt will open up the hidden ground of conversations, showing us to turn them to our well-being and advantage, creating community

*Loren Neimi will be coming to share his work on the hardest stories to tell, and the treasure they hold

*Dennis Rader will show us how to turn the tide of dysfunctional conversations in organizations and make the transition to healthy dialogue

*Sally and Ray Strackbein will teach entrepreneurs (and everyone else) how to craft stories to concisely communicate their line of work

*Katherine Hansen will share how storytelling opens doors in a job search

*David Drake will be demonstrating the power of narrative coaching, giving his model for story-listening

*Robin Rice, international author, and Gabriella Cristiani the OSCAR-Winning Editor will be joining us for a conversation on the power of story at the end of the day!

I spoke with Robin yesterday – it’s so exciting what she and Gabriella are up to.  I’ll tell you more when I publish my upcoming mini-interview with her.


Let me know if you have any questions. I would love to see you there.




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With what you have outlined you are doing, as well as all of the excellent suggestions from others, I offer for your consideration implementing a visible learning process for PG&E.

The process that we have implemented for Product Engineering at General Motors identifies the subject matter responsible individual for key product and process topics. Managers and engineers around the globe know who to present new learnings (things gone right) and preventions for lessons learned (things gone wrong and corrected). Each  subject matter responsible individual has a checklist of potential intellectual capital elements (tacit, tacit-to-tacit, explicit-to-tacit) that may be affected. Each intellectual capital element has an owner  responsible for maintaining it's relevance (tacit -to-explicit, explicit-to-explicit).

Our process is all about people and their "belief and value" in...
        1. bringing new learnings and preventions forward,
        2. acting on the learnings and preventions (making a subsistent change) and
        3. then adopting and adapting what we collectively know works and understanding why.

Our visible learning process is about sustained enterprise-wide learning not a one time invitative.


Steven Wieneke
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