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Table of Contents:

Section One: Share and Collect:

Method/Technique 1:
Visual Power Networking
Patricia Wolf, Peter Troxler & Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi

Method/Technique 2:
Using Cognitive Edge Methods for Knowledge Creation and Collective SenseMaking
Sonja Blignaut

Method/Technique 3:
Exploration Tours – Connecting Past, Present & Future
Ron Dvir, Hank Kune, Paolo Martinez & Arye Dvir

Method/Technique 4:
Appraisal Interviews as a Tool for Organizational Knowledge Sharing
Marinita Schumacher, Corinna Flöck & Mounib Mekhilef

Method/Technique 5:
Group Analysis of Knowledge Test Results as a Knowledge Sharing Method
Malgorzata Grabus & Katarzyna Grunwald

Method/Technique 6:
Leveraging Interaction Through Cooperation
David Kato & Devanildo Damião

Method/Technique 7:
Building a Global Online Community
Cüneyt Budak

Method/Technique 8:
Social Software Tools for Personal Knowledge Management
Swaran Sandhu

Method/Technique 9:
Finding the Fire between the Nodes: Contactivity Events
Ron Dvir, Ed Mitchell & Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi

Section Two: Measure and Analyse:

Method/Technique 10:
An Integrated Approach to Enabling More Effective Knowledge Flows in an Organisation
Christine van Winkelen & Jane McKenzie

Method/Technique 11:
Successful Innovation from Effective Knowledge Management
David. W. Birchall & George Tovstiga

Method/Technique 12:
Cocreation Methodologies to Identify, Select and Maintain Knowledge Value Indicators
Paolo Petrucciani

Method/Technique 13:
Social Network Analysis: A Practical Method to Improve Knowledge Sharing
Tobias MüllerProthmann

Method/Technique 14:
To Know What You Know at the Right Time: Knowledge Visualisation and Sharing Via a Cartographic Process

Oriented Approach
Alexandra MüllerStingl,Waltraud Grillitsch & Robert Neumann

Method/Technique 15:
Redesigning Communities of Practice using Knowledge Network Analysis
Remko Helms

Method/Technique 16:
Getting Stakeholders Involved in Regional Strategy Development: Basis SWOT Workshops
Patricia Wolf, Christoph Hauser & Simone Schweikert

Method/Technique 17:
Multistage Analysis for Knowledge Reflection
Jens O. Meissner

Section Three: Plan and Improve:

Method/Technique 18:
Improving the Facilitation of Organisational Knowledge Creation
David. W. Birchall, Jean Anne Stewart & Mike Pedler

Method/Technique 19:
The Power of Disruption: Understanding the Unexpected
Patricia Wolf, Albert Vollmer, Peter Troxler & Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi

Method/Technique 20:
Collect and Share Existing Knowledge on Collaborative Multidisciplinary Scientific Research Processes
Ayalew Kassahun, Huub Scholten & Adrie J.M. Beulens

Method/Technique 21:
Developing, Nurturing, and Sustaining Communities of Practice
Rony Dayan & Yossi Pasher

Method/Technique 22:
Mediation and the Mediatory Approach
Markus Hess

Method/Technique 23:
Defining, Instituting and Sustaining a Knowledge Management Program
Gurbans S. Chatwal & Srinivas P. Jagannath

Method/Technique 24:
CABD: A Complexity Science Based Method for Robust Business Development
Liza Wohlfart

Method/Technique 25:
Learning and Performance Support for Effective Innovation and Improving Engineering Processes at IAI
Rony Dayan, Ron Algor, Daniel Naor & Avi Kedem

Method/Technique 26:
Strategic Role of Physical Settings for Creating and Sharing Knowledge
Mustafa Kurt

Method/Technique 27:
Future Workshops The Unthinkable and How to Make It Happen
Peter Troxler & Beate Kuhnt

Method/Technique 28:
A People Centric Approach to Creating Taxonomies and Knowledge Artefacts
Shashi Kadapa

Method/Technique 29:
A System based Approach to the Introduction of Knowledge Management
Mark Hefke

Method/Technique 30:
Strategic Roadmapping and Implementation Actions
Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi



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