Innovation Challenges & Questions #innovation #survey

Stan Garfield


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From: Chuck Frey <chuck@...>
Date: Nov 6, 2007 9:21 AM
Subject: Innovation Challenges & Questions - Please Share Your Thoughts

Dear Innovation Manager,

Chuck Frey of and Hitendra Patel of the Monitor Group are preparing to launch an online community for Chief Innovation Officers and innovation managers. We plan to convene a roundtable of innovation experts for interviews about key innovation issues. We will compile the answers from these experts and make them available as a newsletter and also post them on the InnovationTools website.

The panel of experts will include innovation experts from top tier management consulting and innovation consulting firms like the Monitor Group, Imaginatik and Laga, from Fortune 500 companies like Motorola, Merck, Cadbury Schweppes, Natura and CVS and from academic institutions like Harvard and Hult.

Could you please take a moment to tell us about the most challenging issues you face in your job as a manager of innovation in your organization, and the key questions to which you would like answers? Please click on the link below to answer two questions - this survey is very brief; you should be able to fill it out in only a few minutes.

If you do not manage innovation in your organization, could you please forward this e-mail to the person who does?

Our plan is to take the top issues and questions received via this survey, and use them to drive the questions that our panel of respected innovation experts and practitioners will answer. We look forward to hearing your opinions and questions!

Best Regards,

Chuck Frey
Hitendra Patel, Ph.D.