Welcome to our 200th Member #milestone

Stan Garfield

Welcome to John Miller, the 200th member of our community.  Here is a note from John telling about his background.

"I work for McDonald's in Oak Brook, IL. I am a Senior Manager in IT. I've been there for 6 years. I am responsible for the global intranet/extranet, Portal, DAM, DM WCM, SSO, etc. 
Here's me from 10 years ago. Founded a couple of companies for Divine in the dot com days - http://www.dougelwell.com/Portfolio/Sites/divine/LightsEdge/john.html
One was a KM company building front office applications on Documentum. The other was a hosting company where we bought and merged 4 other hosting companies.
I've worked with products like Documentum, Filenet, Open Market (when Divine owned them) now FatWire, DocsDM (Hummingbird) and a host of smaller CM & DM companies. Built a few at R.R. Donnelly that later got sold to Quark and quebecor. Divine and Platinum owned quite a few as well. At McDonald's I built a DM and DAM product on top of Day Communique. Day has modeled their new DAM release after what we built 3 years ago."