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Hi Everyone,
I was looking my profile today and noticed something new. My company
has a company profile generated from our employees who are using the
site along with some feeds that are coming from other sites.
You have to log in to access the information.

I think it is amazing how social networking sites are creating new
information sources from data people are freely sharing all driven
from each individual own social capital.

It is very interesting and compelling how this tool is automatically
generating this kind of data.

Data shared on the site for anyone to see includes:
-Listing of all employees (only as accurate as the person put in -
Some of the profiles have not been changed or used in months)
-Promotions and Changes based on profile update timestamp
-Career Paths (where people come from or go after leaving)
-Who our employees are most connected to
-Where our employees are located
-New Hires
-Common Job Titles and percentage of employees in each
-Top Schools our employees attended
-Most popular profiles (based on what others are viewing and finding
in search results)
-Median age of our employees
-Gender break down between percentage male and female

Since the tool is creating this type of content for other firms, it
can be helpful in researching firms and contacts for sales,
recruiting, and networking.

Have a great day,
Dee Anne

Dee Anne Kotzur
Corporate Knowledge Manager
SolomonEdwardsGroup, LLC

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