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Stephanie Barnes

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer (or winter if you are
in the Southern Hemisphere)! :)

This email is to share some great news with all of you. After almost
5 years out on my own, doing knowledge management consulting, I have
accepted a full-time position with a consulting company here in
Toronto, called Ideaca Knowledge Services. I am a senior consultant
doing project management and senior business analysis activities in
their portals and collaboration practice. The practice focuses on
enabling business processes with portals and collaboration
technology, recognizing that technology is an enabler, and that
people and process are key elements in the success of any technology
initiative. From a technology perspective, the portals and
collaboration team focuses on SharePoint, but because technology is
only one component of what we do, we get to do other things than just
technology, like strategy and roadmaps. :)

It's a great fit for my existing clients because now I have a whole
pool of people to get involved in projects that were too big for me
to do on my own or for when I was too busy to do it all, and it's a
great fit for me, because I can focus on delivery of consulting and
not have to split myself between business development and delivery,
not to mention that I don't have to do all the administration
activities anymore. :)

My Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting business and webpage will remain
alive, just on the sidelines for now, so you can continue to contact
me through that route or, my new contact information at Ideaca is in
my signature below.

I hope to maintain and continue to grow my network in my new role,
and I look forward to hearing from any of you struggling with
SharePoint or other knowledge technology implementations. Ideaca has
a proven and balanced (people, process, and technology, as well as
business-IT alignment) strategy to being successful in the knowledge
services consulting domain and I am excited about this next step in
my career.

Best Regards,

Stephanie Barnes - Senior Consultant
T 416.961.4332 ext/vm 5193| F 416.673.5165 | C 416.522.5126 |

Ideaca - Toronto | Edmonton | Calgary | Vancouver | www.ideaca.com
2007 Global Partner of the Year – Information Worker Solutions
2006 Global Partner of the Year – Microsoft Business Solutions
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sswarup44 <sswarup44@...>

Congrats Stephanie,
All the best in your new position.

Sanjay Swarup
Program Manager KM
ManTech International