Happy to join this group #personal

nsettlemurphy <nancy@...>

I joined this group earlier this week, and I would like to introduce

I run a management consulting company, Guided Insights, located in
Boxborough, MA, about 35 miles northwest of Boston. My special area
of focus: helping organizations strengthen their ability to
collaborate remotely, or virtually. I do this a number of ways,
including through training, coaching, designing and facilitating
clients' remote meetings, and writing white papers, ezines and
articles. Leading Remote Teams and Planning & Running Successful
Remote Meetings are the two most popular offerings right now, as the
cost of bringing people together in person skyrockets.

Many of the teams I work with come to me because they know their
virtual meetings can be far more productive. Yet I find that a great
majority of these teams also need help with cross-pollinating
knowledge and sharing information via asynchronous means.

I am looking forward to learning from this group about your own
experiences and best practices related to knowledge management among
virtual teams, both from a team perspective as well as a company-
wide perspective.

Thanks to Stan Garfield for iniviting me.

Nancy Settle-Murphy
Guided Insights, www.guidedinsights.com