Optimizing internal/external staffing #HR-OD #expertise

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Out-sourcing of information technology services is becoming more
prevalent everday. Much of the rationale for out-sourcing is to
reduce service costs and increase capacity of internal staffing.
While there are benefits of out-sourcing, the need to mitigate the
risks associated with outsourcing deserve contemplation.

How can a manager know the optimal point for out-sourcing in which
the risk of diffusion of subject matter expertise is adequately
mitigated? (Balance expense management with knowledge management.)

To make these decisions optimally, a manager would need to consider
answers to questions including:

1. What is the total cost of off-shoring?
2. What is the overhead for managing offshore resources?
3. What are the non-enconomic costs of offshoring?

What additional questions and knowledge preservation strategies can
be considered by managers to assure internal/external decisions are
made mindfully? Or, are there decision analysis job-aides currently
available to help managers optimize internal/external staffing?

Thanks for your consideration.