September 2009 Nancy Settle-Murphy - Planning and Running Successful Virtual Meetings #monthly-call #remote-work

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Hello everyone,

For the September SIKM Leaders Community conference call (Planning and Running Successful Virtual Meetings), we will be following a format that reflects virtual meeting "best practices." So instead of showing slides, I have set up a virtual conference area using FacilitatePro for our session, to be used both before the September 15 webinar and during that actual conference call.

Starting right now, I'd like to invite you to our online conference area to introduce yourself and to answer a few simple questions, which will help me modify our session to best meet the needs of those who plan to attend. You will also find a tips guide to download and review. Please participate no later than Friday, Sept. 11.

User ID: sikm

Password: 915

Your name: (Please be sure to enter your name so we will know who's "talking")


We will use this same virtual conference room and logon information for our conference call on September 15, when our phone conference line will be the same we always use: USA and Canada: Toll-Free 888-998-2663 or Toll +1 517-466-2222, Participant Passcode: 406165. For other countries, see


Any questions, please contact me at nancy@... or via phone at 978.263.2545 (Boston, Mass. area).


Looking forward to meeting you soon!




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Hi everyone,

In a previous post, I invited those who plan to attend next week's meeting to join our asynch conference in advance, to give us an idea of the type of challenges you'd like to explore.

If you plan to attend the meeting on Sept. 15, I'd appreciate your dropping by the conference room by end of day Sept. 11 to make a quick introduction. Please see my previous post for log-on information.

Another reason this advance participation is important: By knowing approximately how many people plan to join, I have a better chance of designing a session that engages everyone. (As you might guess, planning a set of activities for 12 people is very different from planning a virtual meeting for 30 people!)

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at

Many thanks, and looking forward to "seeing" you next week.

-Nancy Settle-Murphy, Guided Insights,

Stan Garfield

This is a reminder of Tuesday's monthly call from 11 am to 12 noon EDT.

August 18, 2009: Planning and Running Successful Virtual Meetings - Nancy Settle-Murphy

Following is the virtual collaboration tool Nancy will use for this call:

* User ID: sikm
* Password: 915
* Your name: (Please be sure to enter your name so we will know who's "talking")

nsettlemurphy <nancy@...>


The document containing links to various articles and ezines related to planning and running effective virtual meetings has been uploaded to this newsgroup (Reference information_PRM_0808).

Once again, if you were on the call today and would like the output from our conference, please send an email to me directly at and I will send you the Word document.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Ilearned a lot from many of you as well.

Nancy Settle-Murphy, Guided Insights

Stan Garfield

TO: SIKM Leaders Community

Today we held our 52nd monthly call, featuring Planning and Running Successful Virtual Meetings with Nancy Settle-Murphy.

Thanks to Nancy for presenting and to those who participated.
Here is a note from one of the participants: "Thank you very much for your webinar. I really enjoyed participating and sharing with others."
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