Exploring Metaphor as business strategy tool: Thoughts? #research #motivation

Arthur Shelley

I am doing a PhD on metaphor techniques to influence project outcomes.  The basic proposal is interventions which incorporate metaphor can be used to positively influence how people behave and change their perceptions on how they can best contribute to the team goals.  Essentially, if a safe environment can be created where participants can generate more open conversations about behavioural strengths and gaps it enables them to think and interact differently.  This inturn builds better understandings of which people are (behaviourally) better matched to which roles/tasks and who needs to know what (and perhaps better knowledge transfer within the team and between the team and outside stakeholders).

Whilst this may seem somewhat obvious to many, I am specifically interested to assess if metaphor can play a role in the creation of this safe environment and enhance its affect.


I am interested to interact (through this forum, or more likely off line) with anyone who has used metaphor in such a way.

Grateful for any thoughts on this from members. Thanks

Apologies for the cross posting.

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