Verbal wiki conversation #wikis #conversation

Arthur Shelley

About a month ago I posted about the whiteboard social network analysis activity we do at KMLF.  Last night I facilitated a "verbal wiki" - a facilitated conversation about a range of knowledge related topics the students have research and linked in their wiki.  With the wiki written, the students each shared what they had learnt in the "Conversation that Matters" format.  The activity was "captured" as a single image representing the links between the topics as they happened in the conversation.  Deliberately there was no specific structure to the conversation, they were asked to add their learnings at a point in the conversation where it appeared to link to what was being said.

Definitely a rich learning experience for the students and a great way to learn, combining research, wiki, conversation and rich image through emergent interactions between people with related interests.  The image a short blog post can be found here:

Arthur Shelley
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