Webinar on SharePoint 2010 Term Store and Taxonomy Governance #SharePoint #webinar #taxonomy

Seth Earley

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I thought this session might be of interest.


We have a call on October 6th on Taxonomy Governance and the new Term Store functionality in SharePoint 2010.


Here is the link to the session.



Date is Wednesday October 6th

Time 1 pm eastern as usual

Free with registration


The call will cover overall governance in SharePoint as well as the issues around the new Term Store features in 2010.  If people are working on SharePoint, this call is not to be missed.


Invite management and decision makers to this session so they can learn firsthand about the changes in SharePoint 2010 that require strong governance - the policies and processes that will keep SharePoint from going out of control Jeff Carr and I will be speaking.  This is going to be an excellent session so please pass it on to your colleagues.




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