Request for Doctoral Interview #research #knowledge-transfer

Thomas Blumer


My name is Thomas Blumer and I am working on my doctoral dissertation entitled "Best Practices for Knowledge Transfer in Mergers and Acquisitions." The purpose of the study is to identify and explore best practices of knowledge transfer in M&A with a focus on the US enterprise software industry. Finding best practices in such harsh conditions may improve the outcome of future M&A integrations and may enhance knowledge transfer in general.

If you are a SIKM member and have first hand M&A experience, preferable in the high-tech industry, I would be very interested to talk to you. Your participation would involve a telephonic interview of approximately 60 minutes and your identity remains strictly confidential.

I look forward to hearing from you. Simply send me an email and propose a few meeting options and I will set up a meeting and provide you with more information. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

Best regards,

Thomas Blumer
+1 (805) 452 5731

PS: The results of the study will be presented at one of the future SIKM calls and study participants will receive a copy of the full dissertation.