Invitation to participate :: Webinar and Knowledge-LAB event Jan 2011 #webinar


Invitation for the January 17, 2011 K-NET Event Online :: Webinar and


Welcome with new insights and ideas on how to improve your work environment
through KM! We will be hosting a new Knowledge-LAB and you are invited. See New
Schedule below!

K-LAB, a short version for Knowledge-Lab, is a virtual space where knowledge
specialist craft ideas, information, and knowledge through an ongoing online
dialogue and a visual language. K-LAB can be thought of as an online
Knowledge-Café, a virtual Open Space in real time on Internet.

We provide a free, one-hour introduction course-webinar to facilitate
participation and digital collaboration in K-Lab events just before the K-Lab.
During the course-webinar we will share with the participants the specific Web
2.0 abilities and tools that are used for real-time collaboration without
geographical barriers in K-Lab events, such as the WebIDEApro platform.

Both the K-Lab and the training session require registration. To register follow
the link below:

This month, at the K-Lab we will be discussing the special theme:
Take 1:
How to take advantage of the Web Open Space approach? How to facilitate a group
gathering with this new methodologies and tools?
Participate and share your insights and experiences.

The event will take place live on-line starting first with the webinar. If you
have already attended the introduction, go directly to the K-Lab.

Where? On the WebIDEApro platform ::

Date: January 18, 2011
Time:: (Please check your local time, time zones are changing, look for the new
local daylight hours)
See here:\;

Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Boston, Miami, New York: 08h
Fredericton, Moncton, Halifax: 09h

Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro : 11h

London: 13h
Brussels: 14h
Amsterdam, Rome: 14h
Cape Town : 15h

Hong Kong : 21h

Kathmandu : 18h45

Brisbane : 23h
Sydney: 00h


Following your registration to K-Lab, you will receive more specific information
and links.
Both the K-Lab and the training session are free and require registration. To
register follow the link below:

Invite a friend, it is fun!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

See you online soon!

Joel and the K-Net Team