Tools never die ? #tools

Lee Romero

Hi all - I listened to this National Public Radio story this past week
as part of a podcast:

and found it pretty fascinating. It's an interview with Kevin Kelly
who has the theory that "tools never die" - no technology invention
ever created has ever really gone extinct.

As I was listening to this, I was thinking about how this connects to
knowledge management and the problem represented in this of how to
maintain knowledge of technologies over very long spans of time. I've
had no great epiphanies to share, but I found the idea and the
connection to KM interesting enough to share here. It does make me
think of how "small" the KM problem is within an organization by
comparison, though.

There have been subsequent updates on this noting some technology
inventions that actually do seem to have gone extinct. You can find
the write-ups here:


Lee Romero