Expressions of Interest – Optimice Network Analysis Leverage Partners #SNA-ONA-VNA #consulting

Laurence Lock Lee

We apologise for the cross postings up front but for us this is an important announcement. Optimice is opening up its organisational network analysis (ONA) platform to consulting/business advice firms looking to leverage their existing services with complementary ONA services. Our suite of tools and techniques has been designed for application by non-experts. We are passionate about the power of ONA and are keen to accelerate a broader adoption of the techniques across multiple business domains. We have identified 8 high potential business activity areas for which we have developed case studies and sample outputs using our toolsets. These include: Organisational Performance Management; Alliances, Outsourcing and Supply Chain; Core Competency Assurance; Innovation Management; Stakeholder Engagement; Program Management; Market/Business Intelligence; and Event Management. As leverage partners we look forward to maintaining a practitioner community where our shared experiences can contribute to further enhancing the platform for even broader application.


Details can be found through our home page or you can go directly to our partners page at



In addition to this major announcement some other significant updates include:


·      Version 2 of ONASurveys is now undergoing final testing. This is a substantial re-write of the original version and implements many of the suggestions our global user base has provided over the past 3 years since its original release.


·      We have added two new white papers "Stakeholder Engagement: From `top-down' management to two way engagement" and "The New Enterprise Systems: Bridging the Gap between ERP and E2.0" to our popular library of papers available for free download.


·      We have recently made our Visual Markets report on the Australian IT Industry 2006-2009 available for free download. This comprehensive report illustrates the power of network analysis for market intelligence. Go to to download.


·      We continue to add to our `gallery' of network map examples rendered on the web for easy access to you all. Our latest is a sample from an on-line conversation hosted on the popular enterprise social networking platform Yammer.